Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Teeth, Chins and Eyes, oh My!

Caedon has had an eventful couple of weeks. After weeks (literally) wiggling a loose tooth, Caedon accidentally wiggled a little too hard on January 3rd and out came his tooth. We happenend to be at our friends house and they "do" the tooth fairy. So, at 1 am Jason remembered that Caedon had put his tooth under his pillow and so he got out a euro and made the switch. After writing this sentance I realized that I don't know if it is an eyro or a euro. A euro just sounds right so I am sticking with it.

Today as Caedon was brushing his teeth he jumped around and busted his chin against the sink. He did a good job of opening the chin but we have just put a bandaid on it. Logan did this same thing a year ago Jan. 2nd or so and we took him to the ER where they glued and bandaged it. So, tonight it was Caedon's turn but with the temps being in the 0's (F) and lots of snow and slick roads, we are going to wait till morning and reassess then if we need to have it professionally glued and taped! We have had more injuries in the 2-and-a-half years in Germany than in the 7 years in Texas. Germany is a dangerous place with scary stairs, walls and sinks! Caedon and Logan will have matching scarred chins. Thankfully they add character on men, right? Or they can grow a beard to cover it!

I still need to have Caedon's eyes checked too. The doctors that checked him for school preparedness said he ought to have them checked. The doctor that came recommended wasn't taking new patients and the other doctor nearby has a wait of hours (they wouldn't give me an appt. so I just show up at 7am and wait till they get to me). This is the way the dr.s usually do it here. I can write about the cultural differences with dr.s in another blog.


Janis said...

CONGRATULATIONS, CAEDON!!! Oma and Opa are proud of you.

Also, Cheryl, "euro" was a word in my crossword, so you got it right. :-)

Becky Dietz said...

I love snaggle-toothed kids!! Pretty cute!