Sunday, February 21, 2010

Early Senility

Here is a dose of humility, for me that is! I tend to share stories that are amusing and fun and this one is the same, I suppose, but not for me.
We traveled to Vienna the other day for work and also to visit friends. While we were there, I went into Hungary with the women to get a haircut and eat and go to Tesco (the British Walmart that Germany doesn't have.) As we were buying our things, I put in my PIN for my card and the sale didn't go thru. I am not sure why because I only speak a few words of Czech and no Hungarian! I put my PIN in again and there was still a hang-up. She calls over a manager. I start to worry that I had put the wrong PIN number in. I had no Hungarian money,and just a few Euros, so I was thinking I would have to borrow money, ugh. After about 5-6 minutes, the sale went through and I left with my things. The next day, we needed cash to eat out and Jason asked that I run down to the bank and get some out. After I put my card in, I panicked that I didn't know the right PIN and so I never put a number in. The machine said it would take my card, but fortunately, it gave it back. Now, I am thinking desperately, what is my number? I can think of mine and Jason's social security numbers, and even my address from Houston from 25 years ago, but my 4 digit PIN number that I use about 2-4 times a week, nothing! So, Jason gets out the money and I continue to think on my number. I suggest a number, it is just one from Jason's social, I suggest another number and it is too close to my social. I am getting really frustrated with myself.
We get back to Dresden and we go out to the store and I try to pay and... false PIN number. Jason comes to my rescue again! I give up!!!
I know that the bank doesn't have my number, and if I have to get a new number, that it will be very inconvenient and probably time consuming. This is getting ridiculous! I even remember my phone number from Sweetwater. Why can't I remember. I used to carry my PIN in my wallet (cleverly disguised!) but after a change in our American banking card, took it out, stupid!

Thankfully, I tend to keep everything I think is important and my PIN number was safely filed away and easily accessible after Jason reminded me to look! AHHH

So, my mind is going at just 35 and I fear by 50 I won't remember my name, let alone any important number, which seems to me the only way any company, business or the world can identify me. My wallet will be full of more numbers than money!