Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tough Times

I just got back from a training trip and 2 days later Jason is "gone" on a similar trip. I use " " because he is actually in the city but not at home or where we will see him much. BUT, this evening as I am eating dinner with the group that came in for this trip, I receive a call from the babysitter. I have a fear that I might get a call but I thought it might be that my parents had called. I am scared to hear the phone ring, that my parents are calling to say that my grandfather has died. He suffered a stroke on Tuesday and so we are waiting to make sure that he doesn't have any more hemorrahging or brain swelling. Well, thankfully it is not a call from my parents but the babysitter asking me if I could come home because Caedon had thrown up. I was afraid this might happen, so it didn't surprise me, just saddened me. Yesterday, Caedon's tablemate at Kindergarten threw up on his plate during afternoon snack. Unfortunately, Caedon was a recipient of a little of it and apparently the germs that caused it. So, my wonderful husband is going to come home and stay the night with me to keep vigil. To complicate matters, I have plans for tomorrow night for a craft night. It is going to be my language partner, her mother, and a friend. I want to do it but with all four kids by myself and one not well, I don't know if I should try to do it but with 3 coming I don't want to cancel. Why do things have to be so complicated sometimes. And, Jonah is upset that he doesn't get to stay up and watch cartoons on a school night like Caedon. Agh, children! Sorry this is so random and rambling but have a little time on my hands as Caedon falls asleep.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I haven't had much time to write here recently. Things are rather busy, even though I feel like I sometimes do nothing at all! I just got back from a week long training time in Switzerland. We learned some of the things that our husbands are taking 3 weeks to learn. Amazing that they can shorten the material so much when the one away is the one that runs the house!! Despite the brevity of the time, I felt like I have a better understanding of "our" role here in Dresden. This week Jason is hosting the 2nd week of the training here in Dresden for Jason's group. So, although he is technically not away from home, he will not be here with us. And so it goes...