Sunday, December 21, 2008


I think I may have an emerging Picasso! Logan is 3 and loves to draw, everywhere! I have found "art" on his sheets, on the wall, and lots of other places. My favorite instance was the other day when I found a very crooked line drawn on the wall. I asked him if he had drawn on the wall and he replied, "that's a crack!". I had to stifle a laugh. He did admit to it and was very upset when he found out how upset I was. A couple of weeks ago, he was upstairs in the school /craft room when I found him with the other kids. They had all decided to draw. Logan, unfortunately decided again to use another canvas.


amy wright said...

This is like Josiah. Josiah can't draw without drawing on himself. He tries to do it on the sly which makes it even funnier.
How is your time with Mike, Janis and Jonathan? I know it's so good to have family visit.
Jay's parents are coming for Christmas and it just hit me last night...if they weren't going to be here, the kids and I would be alone all Christmas Eve. Jay has services all that day until midnight. I'm glad they're coming!!

Becky Dietz said...

Hope he didn't get in too much trouble!! ha! Tell Mike & Janis we tried to call Emily for an update today but never got them. I'm sure all is well. Tell them to take lots of pictures!!!

Deanna said...

What eyes! Hey, I hear a HUGE cold front is coming your way...hard to believe I'm actually saying this, but I miss the cold weather, wearing sweaters and hiding out inside with a warm cup of tea. We think of you guys often! Thanks for keeping in touch!