Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wo ich auch Stehe

Living overseas obviously has its pros and cons. I live in a beautiful and historically significant city in Europe. I also live in a city in which it is very difficult to share your faith and see others come to Christ. My country is a sowing place, not yet ripe for the harvest. The people are friendly in a European sense but not friends. I love my home but can become a little “homesick” for fellowship “American” style. All that to say, attending church is sometimes more of a chore than a desire. It can be very difficult to feel “fed” and I am just getting to the point where I can listen and understand the sermon. But as always, God blesses the time. As we were singing in the “praise” time, we sang a song I have sung only a couple of times before. The song translated says:

Wherever I am, you were already there.

Whenever I run, you are still near

Whatever I think, you already know

Whatever I feel, you understand.

And I thank you that you know me and nevertheless love me, that you know me by name and forgive me

You stand me up right and lift me to you, and I thank you that you know me and nevertheless still love me.

You know my heart, the longing in me

As fully God and Man, you lived here

Just like us but without sin

You are merciful, and full of patience


This song always make me almost teary-eyed. I am not sure why but I become overwhelmed with God’s love and sacrifice for me. God’s infinite love, power and mercy are beyond comprehension. For me, the line in the chorus that says that God loves ME even though He knows ME. He loves me nevertheless, despite all of my sin, my faults, my thoughts, everything that is so “ugly” to Him. What an awesome God we serve! Never let me forget how much He loves me and how unworthy I am to receive that love.


Becky Dietz said...

Wow! Love the words!! I can't imagine going to a church with a different language for an extended period of time. But I know that's what most M's get hungry for more than anything. I'm proud of you, Cheryl, for what you guys are doing! You amaze me. And I love reading your blog---even though I have to get a magnifying glass to read it! ha!

Cheryl Dietz said...

I'll make sure and set the font to big from now on. :)

Deanna said...