Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Floor Two/2

Here are the rest of the pics from the 2nd floor. This is a view from the door,looking into the room and to the backyard. It is really just a garden.

We painted only one wall red for several reasons, the biggest being that it would be too much. Most Germans think it is too dark. I have seen it elsewhere though and this was a pre-mixed paint I bought.

My dining room furniture that I brought from the states. The table, china cabinet and our bed are the only 3 pieces of furniture we brought over here.
The postage stamp backyard. We have the biggest house but the smallest yard. It is enough for hanging out my laundry (that is what the blue thing is. It opens out into a square with lots of lines for hanging clothes.) and letting the dog out to get some sun and do his thing. We fixed up the bed you see, it was just dirt before.

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amy wright said...

Your home is beautiful. I love the way that you have decorated it. The layout is so funny but it works, huh? Thanks, again, for showing us pictures. I love looking in other people's homes. I guess that I am nosy, too.