Monday, September 28, 2009


Just a couple pics from an apple pie I made the other day for house church. Amy said it looked like it came from a magazine, so I thought I would put it on here so this blog would have a picture!
Germans have nothing really like pie, so it was fun to take it to the house church and introduce them to an american favorite!

Speaking of chaos, October is about to begin, and it will be a crazy one. (Can you believe it is already October? This year has flown by! )

The first few days of October will be filled with 4 boys whom we are taking care of for 4 days while their parents take a romantic trip to Paris! Jason drives down Friday to Prague to pick them up. On Saturday, we have the 2nd annual Bible Fest and so we will be dragging all 8 children to a church in another area of the city. Our children will be the interpreters because it will all be in German! Jason will take the boys back home on Monday.
On the next Saturday, my parents arrive for a two week visit. We will get to take a trip to Paris to celebrate our
15th anniversary while my parents watch the kids. Since the kids will be out of school for those two weeks, we may head up to Berlin and the Saxon Switzerland park just 30 minutes from here.
Just a few days after my parents leave, we will host a family for a few days so they can see our beautiful city and get to know the work going on around here.
Then it is Halloween (thankfully, they don't do that much here) and on to November.


Becky Dietz said...

Well, I was going to shoot my schedule to you, but I think you've got me beat! LOL! It all sounds like fun--what a treat! Paris for your anniversary!! You beat us in that, too. Soak it all in!!!

amy wright said...

Your pie looks wonderful! And if you had to convert a lot of measurements and ingredients, I'm even more impressed.
Your months sounds like it will be a really great one. Have fun in Paris and Happy Anniversary!!! (I still remember those really cool polka dot bridesmaid dresses.)

Janis Dietz said...

You win a blue star (first prize) for your pie, as well as your cakes! Hope y'all have a wonderful time with your folks and on your trip!