Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Top Floor

Looking straight into what we call the Nook.

My scrapbooking area. All the cabinets are full of just my hobby stuff.

The Library part.

The school part. The kids have their art supplies and school books and workbooks,etc. under the desk.

Our Room:

Our bed

Looking straight into the room from the door with the blinds up. The roof outside these windows is a metal one and doesn't allow for the rollladen like the other rooms in the house. Therefore, a whole wall of windows facing west can be very hot!

Dresser sitting under the eaves to the right of the room.. The stairs are behind the quilt wall.

Straight in with the blinds down and the tri-fold up. It helps keep some of the light and heat out.

The bed again. The color isn't so good here, but the bed is two shades of khaki. At the foot of the bed is a trunk.


Janis Dietz said...

We loved here at Christmas. You feel like you're up in a quiet retreat up there. I like the changes in the bedroom...the "headboard", a really cool idea!

Tell Caedon "well done" on the swimming!
Give our love to the other kids, too.
Give Jack a hug from me! I miss the cutie.

amy wright said...

Very nice. I can tell that it feels very peaceful!

Becky Dietz said...

I love the windows---even though I'm sure it does get hot. Very cute idea on the "headboard." Makes me want to go dig into your library, too!